Winter Driving Tips

Cold weather is fast approaching and you know what that means – snow, ice, and poor road conditions. Here are some winter driving tips to help you get safely through the season.

Winter Driving Tips

Clean off that Car

Before you hit the road, you’ll need to clean off your car. Many people don’t want to take time to scrape the frost off their windshield and windows, but it’s an essential step in making sure you’ll be able to see and navigate the roads.

Keep Gas Tank Half Full

When the temperatures start dropping, gas lines can freeze up. In order to prevent this from happening, always keep your gas tank at least half full in the winter.

Avoid Cruise Control

While cruise control is a lovely tool (especially for road trips), you should avoid using it in slippery road conditions. Using cruise control on icy roads can decrease both your awareness and your traction on the road.

Check Your Tires

In order to have proper traction on the road, you will need to have properly-inflated tires. Check both your tire wear and tire inflation to make sure they’re ready to handle the winter roads.

Take Your Time

Be sure to take your time on snowy roads. When accelerating and decelerating, do so gradually in order to avoid skidding. Be aware of stoplights and give yourself plenty of time to stop for them so that you don’t lose control when braking.

If you need more tips for winter driving, we’re always here to help you at Slingerland CDJR.