Necessary Vehicle Care for Your Spring Break Road Trip

Care for Your Spring Break Road TripIt’s hard to believe with the weather still being so chilly, but spring break is right around the corner! Over the next couple of months, you might be taking road trips across the country to places you’ve always wanted to visit. If that’s what you’re planning this year, you’ll need to make sure that your vehicle is up to the task.

Nothing ruins a vacation like car trouble, which is why it’s important to inspect your car before you go on your trip—or even before you take it to a shop or dealership to get it professionally inspected. One of the most important things to check out before you head out are your tires—you always want to make sure the tire pressure is right, the tread is good, and there aren’t any bulges that might cause blowouts.

You should also check your fluids, including engine oil, coolant, windshield wiper fluid, and brake fluid. You might encounter all kinds of weather as you’re driving cross-country, especially if you’re going through deserts or other unfamiliar climates, so you need a healthy engine, brakes, and the ability to clean off your windshield.

This is also a good reason to change your filters, including both engine and cabin air filters. Don’t forget to check your headlights and taillights, too. Finally, get your battery tested to make sure it’s still strong.

These and other maintenance steps you should take before your spring break road trip can be performed at Singerland CDJR FIAT. Bring your ride in and get all squared away before you take to the open road.