Go Kayaking on the Shiawassee River Water Trail

Shiawassee River Water Trail

When people think of cooling down on a hot day, one of the first solutions they think of is to play in water. Swimming, boating, going down water slides — it’s one of our favorite summer pastimes. Kayaking is an excellent way to get out on the water, get a workout, and maybe bond with your friends along the way. The Shiawassee River Water Trail is renowned as one of the top places to paddle in Michigan, so get your kayak ready.

Depending on where you go, the Shiawassee River has a number of different sights to see and courses to navigate for a variety of different skill levels. Thanks to the slow current, strong paddlers can easily paddle upstream and then allow the current to carry them back for a relaxing day among nature. Plus, narrow headwaters surrounded by trees allows for an intimate experience with the local wildlife and flora.

From wetlands to fens to open lakes to canyons, the Shiawassee River Water Trail flows through diverse regions with rare and interesting species of birds, fish, mammals, and more. There’s always some new sight to see when kayaking on this long, broad, diverse river, so plan your canoe or kayak trip on these gentle but interesting waters today. Whether you’re with your family or just a couple friends, there’s something here for everyone.